The First Step Is A Healthy Home

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1. Get a box and Immediately remove all products that produce toxic gassing. This includes (All cleaners, dryer sheets, home repair sprays such as WD40 or paints, hair sprays, chlorines, floor and carpet cleaners, all air fresheners, and anything with perfume, printer ink cartridges etc..). These items MUST be removed from the house not stored in a box in the house. Give to family, friends or put on a balcony or out door shed. It is very simple to make a cleaning solution and they work great or I recommend Branch Basics as my favorite all natural cleaning products. You will use them for life. 

2. Deep house cleaning – For this I would recommend contacting a maid service through Angi or try Trust me when I tell you this is worth every penny and you will feel great in your clean home (make sure you look for a service that uses green and/or organic products. If the cost is prohibitive put the family to work. Here is a list of how to deep clean your house. Remember use your new cleaning products not the poisons

3. Clean your pillows and bed spreads use a natural detergent and you can add some Borax as well. I love using Eco sheets. They are sheets that look like dry cleaning sheets but are detergent. They are bio degradable and save the planet from giant plastic containers. Try Earth Breeze according to their website over 700 million plastic jugs end up in land fills each year. See how much fun this is gonna be. Your gonna get healthy and so will the planet. 

4. No smoking in the house or car and if you are the patient that should be no smoking EVER!

5. After your house has been deep cleaned, clean up all your electrical cords and store the electronics and cords you are not using. This includes kitchen appliances.

NOTE: A clean house is not only good for your health and especially lungs, it is good for you psyche. Think about when you walk into a hotel room (not all of them) LOL. It give most a natural high walking into a clean room with the bed made (see my blog about Admiral _____ and the importance of making your bed everyday). Additionally, I clean uncluttered home creates positive energy flow and healthy Feng Shui. 

6. Stop using aluminum pans to cook and no Teflon. This is extremely important as metals are one of the hardest pollutants for your body to dispose of. Also refrain from using the microwave. This should not be an issue as the foods you will be eating are not frozen over processed dinners in a container. I am no longer on a strict regime and I use my microwave once in a blue moon. 

7.  Now that the dust mites are gone along with the VOCs from all your cleaning products lets keep that air clean with a high quality multi filtered air purifier and if you already have one please buy new filters. For the money you can’t beat the Germ Guardian 4 in 1, but if you want to get a medical grade purifier bring this bad boy home with you IQ Air HealthPro Plus that can even filter formaldehyde. In many homes the air inside is as bad or worse then the air outside. Your journey to a healthy body MUST include clean air. 

8. Filtered Water – Your best bet is to go to a local water store (if you have one in your area) and pick up a couple 5 gallon jugs. Most water stores or water mills have a 6 to 10 step filtration process and at about $1.50 per 5 gallons you can’t beat the price. There is one critical thing to note and that is that most of them include reverse osmosis in the filtering process. Reverse osmosis is critical to taking out arsenic and fluoride but it also takes out much needed minerals. So I always add a little extra pink or sea salt to my meals to make up for those lost minerals. You can also get some coral calcium which I highly recommend. If you cannot buy from a water store or a filtered water station at your supermarket than buy spring water.  

9. MOLD –Regardless of weather you have cancer or not, mold is probably responsible for more health issues than you can imagine, causes havoc to your immune system and worse yet many conditions that are related to mold are not immediately associated with this deadly organism. Mold can be found anywhere in your home, including ceiling tiles, water-soaked wood, walls, floors, and carpet. Small leaks or plumbing problems often lead to the growth of mold because the organism thrives best in moist environments. Flooding or leakage from the rain can leave carpets damp for a prolonged period of time. If your carpet has gotten wet and did not dry thoroughly, mold may bloom and spread in that damp area. Black mold will have a very distinct mildew smell. Here is a good read about mold and how to get rid of it However, if the mold is covering a large area you should contact a professional to remediate the problem. If you are sick DO NOT take this task on by yourself. The last think you need right now is to disrupt the mold and breath in a bunch of toxic spores. You should also look into a home radon and mold test kits which you can buy here or at your local hardware store. 

10. Pick up some Houseplants –  Houseplants will help to clean the air in your home by removing pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide. Here is a list of best plants for the house 

And one for Good Luck. Turn off you cell phones blue tooth and WIFI – Every night before bed, and always use earbuds when talking on the phone at home. 





























































































































































































































n this post, I’ll share some of my best posts of the year, but also some huge highlights of the year for me and Zen Habits. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years now!













































































































In the next week, I’ll also be sharing opportunities to create something huge for yourself with some of my offerings. More on that soon!













































































































A Year of Growth













































































































This year my team & I launched Fearless Mastery, my mastermind program aimed at helping people train in the uncertainty of their meaningful missions. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever launched, and one of the most rewarding. We worked with some incredible leaders in the mastermind — they were truly incredible.













































































































Here are some highlights from my past year:













































































































  • Launched Fearless Mastery twice (May and November), connected with some amazing people committed to doing good in the world.
  • Held our Fearless Intensive distributed retreat in October — it was incredibly powerful.
  • Had wonderful years with my Sea Change habit program and Fearless Training (helping people train with the uncertainty of their meaningful work).
  • Dove deeper into 1-on-1 coaching — training as a coach, hiring my own coach. I elevated myself to new levels as a coach, and working with my clients was very very rewarding.
  • Moved from San Diego to the L.A. area in May, to be closer to family.
  • Continued studying the Zen precepts with my teacher and a group of Zen students.
  • Dove deep with my incredible team (shout out to Coyote & Phil!) — we worked with consciousness and intention.
  • Held a Fearless Purpose workshop at SF Zen Center in March with my Zen teacher, Susan O’Connell
  • We launched a new redesign of Zen Habits in February (don’t worry, still very minimalist!)
  • Appeared on some incredible podcasts: Tim Ferriss: Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, Antifragility, Contentment, and Unschooling | The Minimalists: Zen Living | Waking Up app with Sam Harris: The Wisdom of Uncertainty













































































































I traveled the least I’ve traveled in the last 15 years, because of this pandemic. It was actually pretty great staying at home — I did a lot of walking, some running and strength training, a bunch of meditation, and lots of coaching and creating.













































































































More incredible things coming in 2021!













































































































Essential Zen Habits Posts of 2020













































































































To wrap up this year, here are my favorite Zen Habits posts from 2020:













































































































  1. A Key to Healing Our Divide
  2. The Practice of Meticulous Attention
  3. The Honest Guide to Mindfulness
  4. Time Management for Top Performers
  5. Work Less
  6. Reminder: 8 Practices to Get Still & Calm
  7. Find Freedom of the Mountain in Everything You Do
  8. When Your Task List is Overwhelmingly Long
  9. The Importance of Meditation in Crazy Times
  10. The New Normal























































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