Your Mind and Body
to Bully Cancer

Because there is still so much beauty left to see

One man’s 30 year journey of research, self experimentation and real life experiences shared to make fighting cancer motivating and easy.

Unleashing the Superpowers Within:

Life, my friends, is a relentless dance of resilience and strength. Our bodies, these intricate and miraculous vessels we inhabit, harbor astonishing superpowers. Think about it: our bones possess the remarkable ability to regenerate, cuts unite as if by magic, and our cells and livers diligently rebuild. White blood cells valiantly stand guard against infection, while red blood cells perform their symphony of healing within. Even our lungs, once besieged by the clutches of smoking, can restore themselves to vibrant health after we’ve made the choice to quit. Are you ready to “Unleash” your powers?


“I Love to excite people about getting healthy”

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Think about it, bones grow back, cuts close, cells and the liver regenerate, white blood cells fight infection and red blood cells heal tissue even the lungs can repair after quitting smoking and more…

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The reason you are here, is because you want that to be longer than you or anyone else expected. It is not your time to go and if you’re all in, you will outlive many others. You are about to do your mind and body a favor it has so desperately needed. You are now ready to treat your temple with respect, so that it can grow stronger, healthier and happier than ever before. You are a SUPERHERO. You are a cancer BULLY. Click below to get started.

Is your family drinking filtered water? If so, the water has ZERO mineral content. Surprised? The push for organics is not just about pesticides but the soil our non-organic foods are grown in are now missing many vitamins and minerals. I added mineral support to my routine as well as these key vitamins. Read More…

I will show you one overwhelming evidence of how the mind heals almost every known illness. It’s time to open your mind, stare into your soul and take your body back. If you are ready to do this, your healing has already started. Read More…

My diet consisted of everything that did not contain sugar or carbohydrates. My research led me to understand that cancer needs sugar for energy. I starved it of that sugar, while enjoying healthy clean foods filled with vitamins and minerals from chicken soups to sautéed vegetables. Read More…


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